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Making a childhood dream come true for
every child in our school.

Through a holistic age-appropriate child-centred play approach, we journey with each child and parent as they embark on an active and busy developmental journey.


We welcome learners from all walks of life and invite all parents to apply! Our enrolment process starts a year ahead of time, and we accept children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Enrichment Programs

Our ELA and Rainbow classes assist and support the learning and development of each child. Children are taken in small groups so that each child is met at their level of development.


Frequently asked questions

Age groups can arrive earlier but not later than: Grade Rs 08:00, Pre-primary 08:15 and Juniors 08:30. Our gate closes at 08:30

Juniors 12:30, Pre-Primary 12:40, Grade R 12:50 

Please pack a healthy morning snack for your child along with a water bottle.

Yes, we have aftercare, referred to as Sea Sprites. Children are taken to Sea Sprites straight from class and must be collected not later than 17:30

Please refer to our current Financial terms. We anticipate an 8% – 10% increase in fees year on year.


Nadia Greyvenstein

Just a straight from the heart thank you to each and every person at MPP for what you do. Luca and Clara's little cousin started there this year and after a few very nervous and sad days, Carmen with her MPP magic sent the mom a photo. This is exactly why people like Elfriede cried for days after Milah graduated last year from MPP. We are so blessed to have you as the Team taking care of our kids. We love you and salute you

Kerry Smallie

Imagine a school where the teachers welcome your children with open arms (literally) and individual attention every morning. Imagine a school where the principal is a true leader – where she does not shy away from difficult conversations with you, the parent, for the betterment and wellbeing of your child, whom she has taken the time to get to know. Imagine a school that is a safe place, one which will protect your child from other children, and even other parents, if required. Imagine a school where each class has the same consistent Assistant Teacher who moves with your child’s class on their journey over three years. Imagine a school that considers each child’s specific medical / dietary / psychological situation and tries to help you as much as possible, including medical training if that’s what will make the difference. Imagine a school where policies are uncomplicated and clear, where boundaries are in place to protect our kids. Imagine a school where, when your child is sick, you come to collect her and find her curled up in the loving arms of her teacher in the principal’s office. This school exists – it is Melkbos Pre-primary. It all comes down to the leadership and solid values of the school, and the universal calibre of its wonderful teachers – both as people and as educators. Long live Melkbos Pre-primary.

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